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Osteria LA RISACCA "6"

La Risacca 6For over three decades on the scene, La Risacca 6 is confirmed as the protagonist in seafood cuisine.

Since 1982, located in one of the oldest part of Milan. Today it 's mainly frequented by actors, politicians, entertainers, business men. The cuisine of La Risacca 6 stands out for excellent quality of the served fish, always fresh and seasonal.

La Risacca 6

Specialties change according to what the sea offers: tagliolini with shrimps and zucchini flowers, paccheri and linguine di Gragnano, mixed fried fish, pezzonia "all'acqua pazza", spiny lobster "alla algherese", oysters, venus clams, fish carpaccio, salt shrimps and raw shrimps.

Cordiality, good service, a lovely outdoor garden and a veranda completely restored create a perfect atmosphere.
Osteria "LA RISACCA 6" | Milano Via Marcona, 6 ( ang. Via B. Cellini, 11 ) Tel. 02 55181658 - 02 5468041 Fax 02 55017796 Email:
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